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Failure is the Path to Great Successes!

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My best friend and client Freya’s incredible journey to getting her first muscle up! A year in the making!!!! Just because something is not possible today does not mean that you are efforts are in vain. 
Everyday you practice, win or lose, you are building the steps up that mountain. Approach your practice with the mindset that failure at something is information.
Information that will lead you to the right path. It’s like little red riding hood trying to get to her grandma’s house….If she when she gets to the fork in the road, she is too afraid to make a decision on which way to take because she could run into the big bad wolf, she will never see change. Instead she will sit at that fork, watching the sun raise and set, day after day, but everything will remain the same. 
However, if she’s brave enough to take on the challenge and even if she choose the wrong path, she will now know which direction is the right path.
Moving in new directions and taking on new challenges can be very frustrating and at times seem hopeless. It may seem that you are always taking 5 steps forward and then 5 steps right back. Never gaining any ground. But if you practice with consistency and mindfulness, you will start to notice change in failure. One day instead of 5 steps back, it will start to be only 4.5 steps. Then 4 steps back and so on until you reach your destination. Then a new adventure begins on a different path.
Freya I am so incredibly proud of you…This is just the beginning of an amazing journey for you. So many more adventures lay ahead. Thank you for letting me be a part of it 

“The muscle up has been the bane of my training since I started crossfit with no upper body strength to speak of in 2008. Last year after the open and after many years of coaching clients through their firsts all while avoiding the work myself, I finally decided I couldn’t avoid them any longer.
This past year I worked on them relentlessly, often crying in frustration all by myself (or on the phone with my best friend/sister/coach Sara-Clare)

Today, after just over a year of hard, often boring, always frustrating work…I finally made it to the top of those damned rings. I know this is a basic movement that comes naturally to some, but for those of you out there in the same shoes as me: just know that no matter how far away even your first pull up still is; that muscle up IS possible. DO THE WORK, be patient and don’t give up. 
Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, this muscle up is dedicated to you.”

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Author: Sara-Clare

I have been a fitness professional since 2003. My background includes a mixture of kettlebells, olympic weight lifting, crossfit, yoga and joint mobility. As a child I grow up tap dancing, hunting and doing just about anything adventurous and often times dangerous that challenged me physically and mentally. I travel internationally with Agatsu training other trainers in kettlebells, joint mobility and movement. From athletes to people dealing with serious illnesses, my clients and students learn to move with awareness, connection and build a strong foundation for fitness for life.

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