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Stretching Made Simple

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Stretching made simple. If you want to work your ‘pushers’ you have to work your ‘pullers’ & vice versa. Stretching & strengthening are the same thing. Your flexibility practice should be a mirror to your strength practice. As much as you stretch in one direction, you need to strengthen that end range of motion. 

After doing a round a traction repetitions (not shown here), I follow my practice up with 3-5 sets of PNF contractions at both the end ranges of motion, stabilizing my pushers & my pullers. This helps your nervous system develop & reinforce new patterning. Give it a try in any stretch you are having trouble with 💪 #hulkstretching #agatsu #agatsufitness #mobility #gymlife #gym #instadaily #instafit #fitness #gymnastics #yoga #yogi #circus #dance #bjj #mma #gymnasty #stretching


Author: Sara-Clare

I have been a fitness professional since 2003. My background includes a mixture of kettlebells, olympic weight lifting, crossfit, yoga and joint mobility. As a child I grow up tap dancing, hunting and doing just about anything adventurous and often times dangerous that challenged me physically and mentally. I travel internationally with Agatsu training other trainers in kettlebells, joint mobility and movement. From athletes to people dealing with serious illnesses, my clients and students learn to move with awareness, connection and build a strong foundation for fitness for life.

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